Smart Backdrop System


Evolution from Traditional Backdrop System

Plug and Roll - Easy Setup Portable Automatic Rollers




Smart Backdrop System is an innovative backdrop system invented and designed by our photgrapher Derek. It is easy to setup and pack up. It can be assembled within minutes or disassembled quickly for easy moving or storage. Once you have the brackets fixed on stands or the ceiling or wall, you may attach the two rollers to each end of a backdrop roll and mount the assembly to the supporting brackets. You may install rollers on as many backdrop rolls as you like and mount each assembly on the same or different supporting brackets. It is smart system. Winding a backdrop upwards or downwards is controlled automatically by a wireless control and only one person is required to operate the backdrop system. When the system is not in use for about a minute, it will automatically go to sleep mode and wake up every few hours to rotate the backdrop against its deformation, especially for the paper rolls. The smart backdrop system works great for on-site photography or video production due to its light weight and portability.


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