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At OCETV, We work hard to provide businesses and individuals the best video product to promote our customer's best aspects either on the internet or DVD. We have been working with the world top internet video production company TurnHere Inc. to produce business profile video for YellowPages Canada and serving local talents in sports and music industry. Our expertise in both video and web technology provides our customers multiple solutions in both internet video and traditional video at the best quality and affordable price. Every customer gets unique product to reflect their best interest and aspects. What makes us unique is to create customized product to showcase our customer's best quality in the business world. 


We provide business video production with high quality wireless microphone for crystal sound recording, plus narration and/or music in the edited videos as well as opening credits, section titles, DVD menus, chapter selections and beautiful custom designed DVD covers and labels, a lot to offer.


In addition, we also provide business photography for free to be added in your business video as supplement for the high quality of business presentation.


We provide various options for business service packages that fit every budget, these services include but not limited to Corporate event video, Training video, Sales and Marketing video, Advertising video, Sports video, Music/Concert/Recital video, Real Estate video, Restaurant and Hotel video etc., please contact us for more details.


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